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Significant Others: Influencing Your Look or Nah? #BuryMeMondays

Does Your SO Influence Your Look burymemondays

Let me be upfront. This post is influenced by Kim Kardashian West’s recent blonde dye job and her unique fashion choices as of late. Depending on who you ask her husband, Kanye West, is the mastermind behind all these questionable choices and she’s just going along with it. Since many of the choices are an unflattering departure from what she’s typically worn I won’t knock that assessment, however, maybe she just wanted something new(or maybe this). With all that said does your significant other influence your look?

Have you increased or decreased the amount of makeup you wear to please your partner? Have you changed your hair or clothing style based on their suggestions? Were they on point or did you immediately want to go back to your previous style? Let me know in the comments.