Ever Elusive: Melt Cosmetics Blow and DGAF

(Note: This is a repost from Nov 2014) After months and months of waiting for Melt to restock some of their popular colors I was able to get Blow and DGAF this month. Blow is a pretty matte green and DGAF is dark matte blue. Unfortunately, DGAF is sold out again with no clear restock […]

Melt Cosmetics Love Sick and Dark Matter Release Date

Melt Cosmetics has been teasing that something new was on the horizon for the last few weeks. If you follow their Instagram then you probably know that Melt is coming out with eyeshadows. 2 sets of 4 shadows will be released Friday January 2, 2015 for $48. The Dark Matter stack consists of matte shades […]

A Bit Lukewarm: Melt Cosmetics

So Melt Cosmetics recently had their 1st birthday in May and to celebrate offered free shipping. I was not able to take advantage of this because the sold out shades I wanted were still sold out. However, I did get By Starlight and Space Cake the day before. Let me say upfront that I wasn’t […]

I'm Going on a No-Buy. But First Lemme Buy Some Melt Cosmetics

I’m going on a 30 day no-buy. *cue all the sad violins* This is happening so I can use what I have and get to know what I have so I can review it properly. But the no-buy doesn’t begin until… Wait for it… These lipsticks come back in stock. Melt Cosmetics first birthday is […]