5(Five) Beauty Questions That Need Answers

5 Beauty Questions That Need Answers #QTNA

These beauty¬†questions have been on my mind for awhile. They keep me up at night. Ok, not really. However, I wonder about them. Maybe you do too. Why are the OG Naked palettes still $54? The original Urban Decay Naked palette came out in 2011 or 2012 and I’m still waiting for it to drop […]

Do Men's Makeup Opinions Matter

Do Men’s Makeup Opinions Matter? #BuryMeMondays

This post contains affiliate links. First, I’m not talking about Manny Guiterrez, Wayne Goss, Sam Fine, AJ Crimson, James Vincent, Nicky Posley, Renny Vasquez or any other male makeup artists. I’m talking about men that don’t wear makeup and quite possibly don’t like makeup on other people. Do their opinions matter? Should they even be […]