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The Empty Praise of Grace

aamita lagun

The praise of grace /or forgiveness in the face of vitriolic racism perpetuates the idea that anger is not a valid response. Anger is a valid response to racism. I reject the idea that someone has to turn the other cheek or hold someone’s hand while experiencing the pain inflicted by that same person in order to be seen as sympathetic. The people who perpetuate that idea are insecure with their own conduct, racism or otherwise, and want that same evenhanded approach to their misdeeds. This is a tactic to continue the status quo. This is a way to make consequences not that bad and I’m not here for it. This brings me to Ugandan model Aamito Lagum and something I saw on glamour.com. Continue reading The Empty Praise of Grace

Digital or Print? #BuryMeMondays


As some magazines are transitioning to a digital only format some may feel like print is dead.  So do you have a preference for how you read your favorite magazines? Is it easier to read on your tablet and avoid the clutter that comes with purchasing multiple magazines or are you the kind of person who loves to flip through the glossy pages wishfully marking what you love?

Both have their pros and cons, but there will always be a place in my heart for print. I still like going to the mailbox and seeing that plastic wrapped magazine even though the digital edition shows up on my tablet a several days before that.

Let me know how you what you think in the comments. Remember to use the hashtag #BuryMeMondays on social media if you want to answer there as well.