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So You Say You Missed Out On Dark Room

UPDATE!!!!! Melt Cosmetics is making Dark Room permanent.

So Dark Room has come and gone. You missed out. You’re devastated. You’re wishing and hoping that it will come back. Well, baby, I might have an alternative for you that is cheaper and currently in stock. Continue reading So You Say You Missed Out On Dark Room

Sexy Fall Lips: OCC Black Dahlia and Black Metal Dahlia

When I think of liquid lipsticks Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar is what I think of first. Coming in at $18 they’re a little bit more expensive than other lipsticks yet low enough in price that you probably won’t experience sticker shock. They’re vegan and cruelty-free so you don’t have to worry about that issue. They’re pigmented. They last forever. You can wear them as is or mix them together to create your own unique lip look. Today’s post is about two that have similar names but different finishes.

This is Black Dahlia. It’s described as a blackened blackest red.  It’s a matte finish and a great addition to your fall lipsticks if you don’t already have it or want another dark red.

OCC Lip Tar - Black Dahlia
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – Black Dahlia($18)

OCC LipTar Black Dahlia

Similarly named is Black Metal Dahlia. It’s a blackened burgundy with red pearl. It’s slightly redder than Black Dahlia with lots of sparkle. It’s on the outer edge of being vampy to me but deep enough for fall.

OCC LipTar - Black Metal Dahlia
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – Black Metal Dahlia

OCC LipTar Black Metal Dahlia

These are highly pigmented so it doesn’t take much to cover your lips. A lip brush comes with each lip tar, however, if you’re in pinch you can use your finger. Exfoliating your lips will help with a smooth application. You can use a primer or dab a bit of lip balm on before you apply it as well.

Black Dahlia and Black Metal Dahlia Swatches
Left: Black Dahlia Right: Black Metal Dahlia

Do you own any Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars?

OCC Lip Tars are $18 and come in an assortment of colors. They are available at occmakeup.com and at Sephora.

Milani Gives Great Lip – Best Red and Cabaret Blend

Milani Best Red Cabaret Blend title

I’m always here for a good red lipstick. As far as I’m concerned you can never have too many and red lipstick for everyone. I don’t care how dark or light you are there is a red lipstick waiting for you. Waiting for me at Walgreens today was Milani Cosmetics’ Best Red and Cabaret Blend.

Milani Lipsticks Best Red and Cabaret Blend
Milani Color Statement Lipstick($5.99)
Milani Best Red and Cabaret Blend
Left: Best Red Right: Cabaret Blend

Best Red is a good, bright red. It reminds me of the signature red lip Janelle Monae often rocks. It’s matte, but not drying.

Milani Lipstick - Best Red
Best Red
Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Best Red
Milani Cosmetics Best Red

Cabaret Blend is a can’t-go-wrong-with-burgundy lipstick in a cream finish. Over my make-up wearing lifetime I’ve had various lipsticks that are similar to this color. It’s red without being in your face.

Milani Lipstick Cabaret Blend
Cabaret Blend
Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipstick - Cabaret Blend
Milani Cabaret Blend

Milani makes great lipsticks. As much as I love other brands Milani gives those brands a run for their money. They are pigmented, have a vast color range, and won’t break the bank. They’re also adding more lipsticks in 2015.

They are my drugstore lipstick of choice. If someone wasn’t a lipstick person but wanted to become a lipstick person Milani is the brand I’d tell them to hit up first.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick
Milani Color Statement Lipstick($5.99)

So what drugstore brand gives you the best lip? Let me know in the comments.

Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipstick is available at most drugstores and online.

Short Hair and A Vampy Lip From Impulse Cosmetics

A few nights ago I cut all my hair off. I had been going back and forth with it and I finally worked up the nerve to put some scissors to my hair. My husband helped me out as well by using his clippers. I also got a couple of new lipsticks from Impulse Cosmetics.

Impulse Cosmetics Pandora
Impulse Cosmetics Pandora. $6.99

This is Pandora. It’s an Opaque Matte Lipstick. I reviewed these lipsticks before and nothing has changed. These lipsticks are definitely good for the price.

Top: MAC Cosmetics Cyber Bottom: Impulse Cosmetics Pandora
Top: MAC Cosmetics Cyber
Bottom: Impulse Cosmetics Pandora

This lipstick reminds me of Cyber by MAC Cosmetics. It’s redder and in that vampy lip family.

Impulse Cosmetics Opaque Matte Lipstick in Pandora w/ MAC Cosmetics Nightmoth liner. #lipstick #impulsecosmetics #makeup

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With Fall right around the corner, this is a good lipstick bring out once it cools off.

Impulse Cosmetics’ Opaque Matte Lipsticks are $6.99 and can be found at impulsecosmetics.com

Impulse Buys From Impulse Cosmetics Photos+Swatches

I love make-up and beauty.  That’s why I created this blog. If you’re here you probably love it too. However, no one loves everything. We all have our limits. I don’t fault anyone for them and you shouldn’t either. I’m here for you if you stick with neutrals or love brights. I want you to rock that black lipstick with no fear because in the end it’s your face and naysayers can ______(fill in with your epithet of choice). But anyway on to the makeup.

Impulse Cosmetics lipstick
Impulse Cosmetics Lipstick $6.99 each

Fellow make-up lover @SimplyTsundere put Impulse Cosmetics on my radar screen a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard of them but when I browsed the website I knew I needed to jump on it. Impulse Cosmetics offers a variety of lipsticks in matte and metallic finishes. They also have glitters and loose eyeshadows. Many of the products are pretty affordable and they’re cruelty-free.

I ended up buying Smoking Gun and Melancholy in the Opaque Matte finish and Boggart in the Metaluxe finish.

Impulse Swatches Smoking Gun, Melancholy, Boggart
Top: Smoking Gun Mid: Melancholy Bottom: Boggart

The lipsticks aren’t your typical lipstick. They come in a standard lip balm tube so they’re pretty small compared to other lipsticks. And like lip balm, it’s flat in the tube. The flatness may or may not be a problem for you depending on your lip size. It was a little weird to maneuver on my lips without getting it on my face so I wonder if a thinner lipped person would have similar problems. I’m not sure, but it’s something to think about. If it feels like that could be a big deal to you, then you could always use a lip brush or just clean it up afterwards.

The lipsticks are decently pigmented and have a typical lipstick smell. Boggart applies in a bit splotchy so that was a downside and Melancholy left behind an immediate stain pinkish purple stain.

Color wise I was happy with them for the most part. I was really happy to get Smoking Gun and Boggart because I’ve been jonesing for a blue and green lipstick since Melt Cosmetics DGAF and Blow are still sold out. Melancholy ended up being darker than I thought, but I still like it as well. I’m thinking about getting something to manipulate the color a bit though because it reads more black than purple depending on the lighting.

Impulse Cosmetics Smoking Gun (Opaque Matte Finish)
Impulse Cosmetics Smoking Gun
Impulse Cosmetics Melancholy (Opaque Matte Finish)
Impulse Cosmetics Melancholy
Impulse Cosmetics Boggart (Metaluxe Finish)
Impulse Cosmetics Boggart

The two matte lipsticks(Melancholy and Smoking Gun) weren’t super matte. Impulse Cosmetics does sell a mattifying lip powder that I haven’t tried, so I’m not sure if it works better than just using a tissue and translucent powder to get a more matte look.

So these lipsticks are 6.99 each. According to the website, Impulse Cosmetics is recommending that you ship the products Priority Mail($6.55) so your products last in the heat. This doesn’t seem like a lot to shell out for these lipsticks if you’re interested. You’ll pay double for similar colors from another brand like Melt.

Impulse Cosmetics lipstick
Impulse Cosmetics Lipstick $6.99 each

Have you tried Impulse Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments.

Impulse Cosmetics Lipsticks can be purchased for $6.99 each at ImpulseCosmetics.com

The Lipstick Tag

the lipstick tag

So Chrissy from A Casual Beauty did a lipstick tag and graciously tagged everyone to do it. I like beauty tags so I decided to do this one.

  1. How many lipsticks do you own? I’m going to follow Chrissy’s cue and stick to conventional lipsticks in this answer, so I own 33 actual lipsticks.
  2. What was the first lipstick you ever owned? The first lipstick I ever owned was Fashion Fair Pure Plum(?). I remember my mom taking me to the department store counter and picking it out for me. It was definitely her style because it was dark. I took a lot of make-up cues from her before I started reading magazines and books and formed my own opinion. Looking back, it probably should’ve been more of a big girl moment because it was department store make-up but it wasn’t.Bury Me In Red Lipstick 022
  3. What’s your favorite lipstick brand? NARS Cosmetics. In 2008 I walked into a Sephora to get a red lipstick, my first red lipstick. I was apprehensive but the associate swatched a few shades on her hand and I picked NARS Sephora Flame. That was a make-up watershed moment for me because back then wearing red lipstick was just unheard of for me. I had moved away from thinking I had to wear deep, dark shades, but hadn’t adopted the thought that I could wear color on my lips like red. When I began to break away from beauty rules NARS is the brand I used to do it.
  4. What is your most worn lipstick? It’s probably NARS Fire Down Below. It’s described as a semi-matte pure blood red.
    Fire Down Below
    NARS Fire Down Below

    Fire Down Below Swatch
    I’ve laid off wearing lipstick lately because I’ve been on liquid lip color kick lately but it’s the one I reach for first when I do wear lipstick.

  5. What’s your favorite finish? My favorite finish is probably matte. I went through years and years of shiny lips via lip gloss so I think my love of matte finishes was my way of breaking away from that. Matte finishes just seem like serious business and I’m here for drama.
  6. What was the last lipstick you bought? It was actually two in the same shopping trip. It was Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 15 and NARS Cosmetics Future Red, a Guy Bourdin Cinematic Lipstick.
    MUFE Rouge Artist Intense 15
    MUFE Rouge Artist Intense 15
    NARS Future Red
    NARS Future Red

    Rouge Artist Intense 15 and Future Red
    Left: Future Red Right: MUFE Rouge Artist Intense 15
  7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag? I have 3 lip products in my bag. 1 EOS lip balm and two Maybelline glosses that are still wrapped because I intended to return them but never did.
  8. What’s your favorite red lip color? My favorite red lip color is Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked. It’s from the recently released Clueless Witch Collection.
    Wicked Lime Crime
    Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked

    It comes close to NARS Sephora Flame which was discontinued years ago.

  9. How do you store your lipsticks? I store my lipsticks in a plastic drawer and my vanity drawer.
  10. Which lipsticks are you currently lusting after? I think Milani Red Label is one I’m lusting after but for some reason I pick up something else whenever I’m in Walgreens. I also want to try more Lime Crime Velvetines.

Since Chrissy tagged everyone I’m going to do the same. If you decide to do this lipstick tag please leave a link to your post in the comments below because I’d love to read it.

Lips That Stick Around: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I was in Ulta(surprise surprise) and wanted to try something new. I heard good things about the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams so picked up Copenhagen and Transylvania.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Transylvania and Copenhagen

Left: Copenhagen Right:Transylvania
Left: Copenhagen Right:Transylvania

The main thing I took away from NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream is that it lasts a long time. I put it on, went about my day and when lunch came I could see that the product wasn’t transferring to my food or cup the way lipsticks usually do. This was a huge plus because it’s so annoying to meticulously apply product to your lips only to have it get all over everything.

The minor transference of color I did experience is probably an indicator of how the formula dries on your lips. I guess it reminds me of what a stain should be. With other stains I’ve tried one has to go through this progression of the sheen in the formula leaving the lips before you get to the stain. Since the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are truly matte you skip this part.

Since it is matte there may be concerns about it being drying. For me I usually know something is really drying when I’d rather start over instead of simply reapply the lip product on my lips. I was able to do a minor touch up with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and that’s probably a testament to how it adheres to the lips.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania

While I was on Twitter talking about the product a friend told me that she likes to put another color, Amsterdam, over her red lipstick to keep it in place.

I haven’t tried this but it totally made sense because of the staying power of the product on my bare lips.

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream comes in 22 colors retails for $6.00 and can be found where NYX products are sold and online.

OCC Batty Liptar – Review

Can you see the glitter? Too bad I didn't see it on my lips.
Can you see the glitter? Too bad I didn’t see it on my lips.

I bought OCC Liptar in Batty because I love black lipstick but I ended up being disappointed. I used my lip brush to apply it and it didn’t work. I used my finger to apply and it still didn’t work. Unfortunately it’s just not as opaque as I hoped it would be. It also sunk into the lines in my lips. However, once I put it on top of another black lipstick it looked better.

Top: OCC Batty alone Bottom: Batty on top of MUFE 50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Top: OCC Batty alone Bottom: Batty on top of MUFE 50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

I hoped for a glitter effect since that’s what it looked like in the tube but it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m sure the shiny effect I achieved on top my Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick could be achieved with a glittery lip gloss so this is really a bust for me. I would take it back but I tossed the shipping receipt. *cue sad violins*

So have you tried Batty? What did you think?

Obsessive Compulsive Liptar in Batty retails for $18 and can be found at Sephora, Sephora.com, occmakeup.com