Black Radiance Dynamic Duo Lip Balm and Gloss Review

This is going to be a quick post about Black Radiance Dynamic Duo Lip Balm and Gloss. I picked this up from my local Wal-Mart last week along with the Black Radiance Eyeshadow Primer that I reviewed in my last post. The Dynamic Duo is a dual sided lip balm and gloss that gives a […]

Budget Friendly Eyeshadow Primer From Black Radiance

When it comes to eyeshadow primers some are cult-faves for a reason. They move from being a splurge to being a necessity in spite of price. However, we don’t all want to pay that price and lucky for us budget friendly alternatives to those cult-faves exist. This is Black Radiance Perfecting Eye Shadow Primer and […]

Black Radiance True Complexion BB Cream Review

There’s a lot of talk about BB creams in the beauty world. As a consumer I was curious about them because they’re a recent beauty development here in the United States, but discouraged to try them because there weren’t any for my complexion. However, beauty companies are beginning to make BB creams for women of […]