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Beauty Q&A: Do You Care How The Face of A Brand Presents Itself?

The internet is full of conflict. While some people thrive on it to the point of seeking it out, I tend to avoid it. There are positives and negatives to this type of mentality I won’t get into because this post isn’t about me but about you and what you think.

Within the last couple of days these things have been posted on Doe Deere’s Instagram page. Doe Deere is the creator of independent make-up brand Lime Crime.

doe deere screenshot 1
This obviously a screenshot but you can see it here.


Doe Deere reposted an IG post of Kat Von D's response to a commenter and praised her for it.
Doe Deere reposted an IG post of Kat Von D’s response to a commenter and praised her for it.

Some comments on the posts felt the response was justified while others felt it was unprofessional. I’m not exactly sure where I stand with this. I’m not the insulting type. Like I said, I tend to avoid conflict, but I can’t imagine what it’s like for people to try you on a regular basis. We all know some people suddenly become brave because they’re behind a computer screen and not in your face. However, another part of me wonders since the owner/face of a brand possibly has more to lose than some commenter why acknowledge them with vitriol and blemish your brand or persona?

While I like Lime Crime I’m not emotionally invested in the brand. It wouldn’t hurt me to stop using the products because I’ve only purchased one product from them. However, if François Nars(my patronus) did something like this regularly I would be conflicted about continuing to support that brand.

I bring all this up to ask, where do you stand when it comes to these issues? Do you think the face of a brand should always practice a certain level of decorum even in the face of (possibly unfair) criticism/insults or do you think he/she is allowed to defend his/herself without it affecting the brand?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so please leave a comment below.

My 5 Beauty Rules Beauty Tag

5 beauty rules

I think we all have things we think are important to us whether it’s a product or a practice. I wanted to share 5 beauty rules that are specific to me. You might be able to relate to them and you might not. Feel free to share your own beauty rules in the comments below. Continue reading My 5 Beauty Rules Beauty Tag

How Do You Sharpen The L’Oreal Silkissime Pencil?

This post contains affiliate links.

silkissime pencil cirlcle picmonk

I bought the L’Oreal Silkissime pencil a few months ago. I think it’s a good pencil for the price and I reviewed it here. I haven’t had a problem with sharpening it, but judging by my search engine results some people still have some questions about how to sharpen it. Continue reading How Do You Sharpen The L’Oreal Silkissime Pencil?

Shopping In My Head: The emJ Company

I love Twitter. It’s introduced me to a lot beauty bloggers and brands I never would’ve found otherwise. It keeps me coming back day after day because there’s so much out there I know I could be missing out on just browsing my regular corners of the internet. Today I got introduced to The emJ Company through the #makeupchat hashtag.

Created by British make-up artist Emily Jane Williams emJ(pronounced ’em-J’)  is a “luxury accessories brand designed entirely for make-up artists, hairstylist, and beauty professionals.” I’m far from a beauty professional, but I love the idea of being able to store your pencils and lip glosses in roll.

I currently store my pencils in a pencil holder on my vanity. It’s practical and relatively cheap, but with a 3 year old that likes to play with Mommy’s things it’s hard to keep her out of them since they’re out in the open. And although I could put them in a bag and attempt to stow it away out of her reach the thought of rummaging through a bag to find the right pencil isn’t my idea of fun.

"Mommy won't mind if I mess with this."
“Mommy won’t mind if I mess with this.”

In any case, I just wanted to show you something I thought was cool. EMJ sells kit bags, make-up rolls, and more so they may be worth checking out if you’re in the market for those types of products.

What Am I Suppose To Buy With All These Exclusions?

You may or may not be a fan of Ulta. For those that don’t know Ulta is a beauty destination that provides high end cosmetics, drugstore cosmetics, and salon services all under one roof. The ones I’ve been to tend to be in strip malls and they’re great if you don’t want to deal with a crowded mall just to hit Sephora.

One of the cool things about Ulta is the coupons. Typically you’ll get $3.50 off a $10 or more purchase or 20% off your whole purchase or one item. The drawbacks, however, are the exclusions. Generally it’s some of the high end brands and some of the salon services. On its face this isn’t a big deal. But a search to my blog made me notice something.

Here's what excluded. I'd think the coupon would apply to anything that doesn't fit the exclusions. Guess not.
Here’s what excluded. I’d think the coupon would apply to anything that doesn’t fit the exclusions. Guess not.

The specific search said “ulta 20% off coupon has pictures from urban decay but not letting me use it”. I grabbed my coupon and looked at the exclusions. Urban Decay Naked 3 was excluded(makes sense because it’s new) but not Urban Decay as a whole. So I went to and checked out what they had to offer from Urban Decay.

Everything was excluded from coupons. This made me say WTH! Because if you look at the other side there’s a picture of Urban Decay Primer Potion along with other products as if they’re included in the this 20% off promotion. That’s when I checked the website for the other products in the picture(see links below). All but the Ultra Chi Flat Iron were excluded from the coupons.

Most of these items are excluded too.
Most of these items are excluded too.

It feels false to put some exclusions on the coupon only to find out even more items are excluded once you’re ready to shop. In the end what can truly be done? It’s plain as day on the website, but it still feels like a trick to get you in the door.

If you have one of these coupons will you be using it? Do you feel a bit misled or no?

Bare Minerals Get Started Complexion Kit

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Philosophy Hope In A Jar

Redken Color Extend Shampoo

Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

NOPE: Sephora Upside Down Mascara

So shiny.
So shiny.
Nothing wrong with a little bit of instruction even if it is mascara.
Nothing wrong with a little bit of instruction even if it is mascara.

Some things don’t require bells and whistles. Mascara may be one of those things. However, I got sucked in by the bells and whistles and purchased Sephora’s Upside Down Mascara. This is definitely in the impulse buy category.

The interesting thing about the mascara is the dual brush that can be used individually or combined. You can squeeze the brush together and make a larger brush or place your lashes between the brushes for top and bottom application. You can also use the smaller of the brushes for lower lash definition.

The formula of this mascara is okay. It’s not great and it’s not awful. It only comes in black so bear that in mind if you’re not big on black mascara.

This mascara is not easy to apply. It’s hard to get your lash between the brushes and not get mascara on your eyelids. Now this may not be problem for someone who doesn’t wear eyeshadow or eyeliner because cleanup isn’t that difficult on a bare lid. I can’t imagine what it would be like to get inky black mascara on my lids after I’ve meticulously packed and blended eyeshadow on them. It seems like it would really annoying.

My bare lashes. They look like nothing I promise some are there though.
My bare lashes. They look like nothing I promise some are there though.
This is easy to clean but who wants to if you're wearing eyeshadow?
This is easy to clean but who wants to if you’re wearing eyeshadow?

When you squeeze the brushes together to make a bigger brush it’s actually nice. I liked definition and it felt like a decent mascara at that point. It makes me wish the brush was that size to begin with because it’s hard to keep it squeezed together. You have to squeeze at the handle because if you try to move your fingers lower on the brush you’re going to get mascara on you.

Better application with both brushes but kind of a pain squeezing them together.
Better application with both brushes but kind of a pain squeezing them together.

The cons about this mascara feel minor because the potential messiness of it can be fixed with a cotton bud and some make-up remover. But mascara is such a simple tool. It’s one those things you can put on, walk out your door and feel together. So just because it’s easy to clean up doesn’t mean you should have to clean it up.

This is definitely not splurge worthy. I don’t recommend this. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind buying mascara in this price range, this is probably one to avoid.

Sephora Upside Down Mascara retails for $22 and is sold in Sephora and

Colds Suck but So Does Bad Skin

No cold is going to keep me down. *sniff*
No cold is going to keep me down. *sniff*

I have a cold. Bleh. However, that is not the point of this post. I’m hoping that eventhough I’m dealing with this that I won’t let my skincare/beauty regimen fall by the wayside.

The last time I got sick I came out of it with skin in dire need of exfoliation and eyebrows in need of some tweezers. I’m not going to let that happen this time. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

So what’s your skincare like when you’re feeling under the weather? Are you toning and moisturizing the same as you would when you’re well or is skincare the last thing on your mind while you recover in bed?

Milani Eyeshadow Primer: A Bargain Eyeshadow Primer Alternative?

Milani Eyeshadow Primer $6.39 at CVS
Milani Eyeshadow Primer $6.39 at CVS

I was on the hunt for something new to try so I stopped in CVS and purchased a couple of things. One of those things was Milani Eyeshadow Primer. I’m generally an Urban Decay Primer Potion kind of girl, but I wanted to give this a shot. Drugstore brands have improved a lot so I wanted to see if this primer could compare to a more expensive brand.

I think the Milani Eyeshadow Primer is a legit alternative to UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. After 8 hours of wear my eyes look basically the same. The product is similar in texture and color to UDPP and TFSI so if you use either one or are on a budget this is worth a shot.  You’ll pay $6.39 for Milani’s primer versus paying anywhere from $12-$24 for UDPP or TFSI depending on size /or brand.

I applied the primer and eyeshadows from the Naked palette around 8:30 am. This is a couple hours after that.
I applied the primer and eyeshadows from the Naked palette around 8:30 am. This is a couple hours after that.
This is about 8 hours after initial application
This is about 8 hours after initial application

Once upon a time finding a drugstore product that was a similar quality to a department store product was wishful thinking. Now this doesn’t mean that they were terrible, but just that you could tell the difference between them. However, as time goes on the drugstore brands are catching up and maybe, just maybe leaving some of the department stores behind. Time will tell though.

Have you tried this primer? If use a more expensive brand do you think you’ll give this one chance?

Milani Eyeshadow Primer can be purchased at most drugstores and

OCC Batty Liptar – Review

Can you see the glitter? Too bad I didn't see it on my lips.
Can you see the glitter? Too bad I didn’t see it on my lips.

I bought OCC Liptar in Batty because I love black lipstick but I ended up being disappointed. I used my lip brush to apply it and it didn’t work. I used my finger to apply and it still didn’t work. Unfortunately it’s just not as opaque as I hoped it would be. It also sunk into the lines in my lips. However, once I put it on top of another black lipstick it looked better.

Top: OCC Batty alone Bottom: Batty on top of MUFE 50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Top: OCC Batty alone Bottom: Batty on top of MUFE 50 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

I hoped for a glitter effect since that’s what it looked like in the tube but it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m sure the shiny effect I achieved on top my Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick could be achieved with a glittery lip gloss so this is really a bust for me. I would take it back but I tossed the shipping receipt. *cue sad violins*

So have you tried Batty? What did you think?

Obsessive Compulsive Liptar in Batty retails for $18 and can be found at Sephora,,

Make A Beauty Resolution for 2014

2013 will be coming to a close in a couple of weeks. Someone has probably asked you about your New Year’s resolution or they will be asking very soon. Our answers will range from mundane to exceptional. And I hope when 2014 comes to a close we’ll look back proudly on the accomplishments that were set into motion at the end of 2013. But what about a beauty resolution? Have you thought about making one for yourself?

2014 could be the year you watch Youtube videos until you get that contouring thing right. Or you could branch out and try a brand(drugstore or high-end) you usually pass up when you’re browsing. This could be the year you tackle one of your beauty fears like getting professionally waxed. You could even resolve to set aside time to pamper yourself or *gasp* limit your purchases.

"Girl what? Limit my purchases?
“Girl what? Limit my purchases?

The sky is really the limit with this and you don’t have to tell anyone unless you want to. This is really about making a conscious effort to not get a beauty rut and take care of yourself. I think most of us know what we need/want to do, but we just have to give ourselves the freedom to do it and put in the effort.

One of the things I’d like to do is find a less pink nude lipstick to wear as an alternative to the pinkish nude Nars Dolce Vita. I’m very fond of the beigey nude look and I’d like to see if it I can pull it off. There’s always the possibility that I can’t, but I have to give it a shot right? And that’s what I’m talking about, going out on your own limb for beauty.

So do you have beauty resolution?