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3 Valentine's Day Gift Hacks To Make You Look Like a Boss

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Valentine’s Day is 3 weeks away. Now is the time to do your prep work so whatever you want to do on the 14th goes off without a hitch but what to buy your partner? You could ask your friends for suggestions. You could browse gift guides and pick what you think he/she would like best. Or you could try one of these three things to get a gift for your partner that he/she will love because you’ll know it’s something they really want. Continue reading 3 Valentine's Day Gift Hacks To Make You Look Like a Boss

5 Things You Can Do For Yourself On Mother’s Day

I was browsing the web looking for other bloggers in my area and I found this post about mommy maintenance and it inspired me to write my own post about taking care yourself as a mother.

They're giving you flowers for Mother's Day, but what are you giving to yourself?
They’re giving you flowers for Mother’s Day, but what are you giving to yourself?

Mother’s Day is less than a week away. It’s supposed to be the day to be doted upon and appreciated, but it only comes once a year. Motherhood is a tough job and it’s easy to put yourself last even at your own expense. We need more than one day to take care of ourselves so here are 5 things that you might be able to do to take care of you whether it’s Mother’s Day or not.

  1. Take space back – What I mean by taking space back is claiming something that used to be yours that isn’t anymore. Maybe you’ve become accommodating with a space in your house. You’ve let clutter build or let someone else take it over even though they have other spaces in your home. I say take it back.

I have a small room at the back of my house that I used to exercise in, but stopped because I let it get overtaken by clutter. I want to start exercising again so the first step for me is making a space to do it. I still have to fight procrastination, but this is a beginning. You can’t get anywhere without taking a first step.

  1. Have a drink that’s just for you. – Don’t think this is only about alcohol. I love a good cocktail, but it doesn’t have to be that. Maybe you’ve seen something on the web or on Pinterest that you want to try and haven’t done so because no one else would like it but you. Now is the time to give it a shot. And if you do want it be alcoholic, go for it. Just don’t worry about sharing because it’s for you.


This is my Cool T-shirt pinterest board. No one cares about it but me and that's just fine.
This is my Cool T-shirt pinterest board. No one cares about it but me and that’s just fine.
  1. Create a “Mine” Pinterest board – Pinterest is a great place to curate all the things that you like. There are all kinds of recipe boards and ideas for things that have to do with the home, but I want you to ignore that(at least at first) and think about the things you like. Think about things you used to like but don’t think you have time for anymore. Make a board about it. Remember the things that interested you before you had other people think about.


  1. Use those beauty products – This is still Bury Me In Red Lipstick so I have talk about beauty products. It’s only right. 😉 Seriously, I know you have unused beauty products somewhere. Whether it’s something you bought for yourself and haven’t got around to using or some Secret Santa gift, you’ve got something. Take a moment to make sure it’s not expired and have that bubble bath. Slather on that moisturizer. Test out that lipstick. Someone might ask you what you’re doing in the bathroom but who cares. This is your time for yourself and it’s okay.
  1. Give yourself permission to do these things – We’re told over and over again that motherhood is about taking care of others. Who we are and what we do is in relation to our children. I don’t dispute this, but taking this stance might cause a mother to lose herself. Motherhood is important and so are you.

There’s nothing selfish about taking time to do something you like. Causing a minor inconvenience to your spouse or your child(ren) is nothing to lose sleep over. You’re going to give everything to everyone else, but at some point you have to refill the tank so you have something give. You can only run on empty for so long before something breaks down.

In the end, these are just suggestions. You don’t have to do all of them or any of them. The main point of this post is just to say take care of you. And while this was directed toward mothers, anyone who’s taking care of someone else could benefit from taking care of themselves.

I hope you all have a happy and safe Mother’s Day. If you do decide to take some time for yourself let me know in the comments.

Beauty Q&A: Do You Care How The Face of A Brand Presents Itself?

The internet is full of conflict. While some people thrive on it to the point of seeking it out, I tend to avoid it. There are positives and negatives to this type of mentality I won’t get into because this post isn’t about me but about you and what you think.

Within the last couple of days these things have been posted on Doe Deere’s Instagram page. Doe Deere is the creator of independent make-up brand Lime Crime.

doe deere screenshot 1
This obviously a screenshot but you can see it here.


Doe Deere reposted an IG post of Kat Von D's response to a commenter and praised her for it.
Doe Deere reposted an IG post of Kat Von D’s response to a commenter and praised her for it.

Some comments on the posts felt the response was justified while others felt it was unprofessional. I’m not exactly sure where I stand with this. I’m not the insulting type. Like I said, I tend to avoid conflict, but I can’t imagine what it’s like for people to try you on a regular basis. We all know some people suddenly become brave because they’re behind a computer screen and not in your face. However, another part of me wonders since the owner/face of a brand possibly has more to lose than some commenter why acknowledge them with vitriol and blemish your brand or persona?

While I like Lime Crime I’m not emotionally invested in the brand. It wouldn’t hurt me to stop using the products because I’ve only purchased one product from them. However, if François Nars(my patronus) did something like this regularly I would be conflicted about continuing to support that brand.

I bring all this up to ask, where do you stand when it comes to these issues? Do you think the face of a brand should always practice a certain level of decorum even in the face of (possibly unfair) criticism/insults or do you think he/she is allowed to defend his/herself without it affecting the brand?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so please leave a comment below.

My 5 Beauty Rules Beauty Tag

5 beauty rules

I think we all have things we think are important to us whether it’s a product or a practice. I wanted to share 5 beauty rules that are specific to me. You might be able to relate to them and you might not. Feel free to share your own beauty rules in the comments below. Continue reading My 5 Beauty Rules Beauty Tag

Colds Suck but So Does Bad Skin

No cold is going to keep me down. *sniff*
No cold is going to keep me down. *sniff*

I have a cold. Bleh. However, that is not the point of this post. I’m hoping that eventhough I’m dealing with this that I won’t let my skincare/beauty regimen fall by the wayside.

The last time I got sick I came out of it with skin in dire need of exfoliation and eyebrows in need of some tweezers. I’m not going to let that happen this time. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

So what’s your skincare like when you’re feeling under the weather? Are you toning and moisturizing the same as you would when you’re well or is skincare the last thing on your mind while you recover in bed?

Full 80^s Party Look

I went to an 80’s party Saturday night and had a really good time. For future reference, if you’re going to require people to wear costumes for an event and it’s not Halloween, do it at someone’s house. There’s nothing like being among people you don’t know dressed ridiculously and in a public place. It can make you terribly self-conscious and detract from an otherwise good time.

I wish I had a close up but I added a bit of purple above the blue and on the outer V.
I wish I had a close up but I added a bit of purple above the blue and on the outer V.
I think it's cute and I have no shame in recycling this for another occasion
I think it’s cute and I have no shame in recycling this for another occasion