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About Shanta

Beautyblogger. Makeup hoarder. Good time Sally. My love affair with makeup began at 13 years old. Through the years, I’ve noticed many women want a piece of the magic that comes from the beauty aisle but aren’t sure how to get it. This lead me to create Bury Me In Red Lipstick. I want to be that bridge between a beauty rut and ultimate happiness.

Bury Me In Red Lipstick is where my love of writing and beauty intersect. I write for the beauty lovers with enough products to stock their own store and the beauty novices ready to embrace the magic and wonder of the beauty aisle. I’m ready to break some beauty rules and I encourage you to break some too.

Contact Me:

Email: burymeinredlipstick@gmail.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShantaFabulous

Instagram: http://instagram.com/shantafabulous

Services Offered:

Social media posts. Guest blog posting. Product reviews and first impressions.

Detailed Media Kit is available upon request

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When I’m not writing about beauty related things I’m podcasting. I’m currently co-host of Single Simulcast with your favorite podcaster’s favorite podcaster, Rashanii and occasionally a guest on Three Fifs Podcast.

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Single Simulcast



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