Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick

Unscientific Conclusions About Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick

Today’s post is about Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick. Fall 2017 should be called Fenty Beauty 2017 because the brand actively pursued Black and Brown consumers and rolled out products 3 months straight. Of course, it’s been a struggle if you wanted the foundation. Prayers up for those waiting for a restock. Personally, my desire for that has waned considerably. However, I’m all in when it comes to these lipsticks and so are other people. So here are my unscientific conclusions about Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick.

The Streets Love Their Dark Colors and Nudes

Griselda, a bold burgundy, and PMS, a moody brown, received 38 and 37 mentions respectively. Behind those two were Shawty, a warm chestnut, with 27 mentions, and the dusty rose Spanked, with 26. These four seem like easy colors to buy and probably work for different skin tones. Griselda also got the most mentions than of any of the other shades. If people were going to stay in close to home these are the shades they’d probably pick.

#PMS | #MATTEMOISELLE will be available December 26!

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Not Much Love For Saw-C or Up 2 No Good

These lipsticks are cute but the exotic tangerine Saw-C didn’t get much burn(the least with 9 mentions) when I asked what shades piqued folks’ interest. Orange is one of those colors that you either love or hate. It can look pretty in the tube and on other people then you get it home and you wonder if the lipstick or your mirror is hating on you. Up 2 No Good was second to last with 10. Rihanna looks dope in it though.

Here For The Blues and Greens

Midnight Wasabi, a wicked green, and Clapback, a true navy, got 22 and 24 mentions respectively. These are the ones I know I want, but I’m a big green and blue lipstick person. I barely leave my house, but I need “look at me” colored lipstick, go figure. There were a few people that mentioned Clapback with a bit of apprehension but most are ready for a blue lip or green lip. Lots of mainstream brands have jumped on the blues and green that indie brands been on. Someone could make the argument that Fenty Beauty is just going the direction the wind is blowing adding a green but Rihanna served green lipstick in 2014 at the IHeartRadio awards when people were still telling themselves they’re too scared to try it. This is her wheelhouse.

We ain’t afraid to #CLAPBACK. #MATTEMOISELLE coming on 12/26 at 9AM EST

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Candy Venom and Ma’Damn Aren’t As Popular As I Thought

Candy Venom and Ma’Damn are what I thought would be right behind something like Griselda as far as an easy color pick but they’re behind Clapback and Midnight Wasabi with 13 and 17 mentions. Perhaps a pink and red are too regular for people. Depending on how deep you are in makeup you may have these two shades so there’s no point in getting these. At least one person said they felt like they could get these in another brand.

Shade: #CANDYVENOM | #MATTEMOISELLE is droppin’ on 12/26. Get ready!

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Ma'Damn Fenty Beauty


Spanked Fenty Beauty

Candy Venom

Candy Venom Fenty Beauty


Saw-C Fenty Beauty

Up 2 No Good

Up 2 No Good Fenty Beauty


S1ngle Fenty Beauty

Freckle Fiesta

Freckle Fiesta Fenty Beauty


Shawty Fenty Beauty


PMS Fenty Beauty

Midnight Wasabi 

Midnight Wasabi Fenty Beauty

Ya Dig?!

Ya Dig Fenty Beauty


Clapback Fenty Beauty

One of the Boyz

One of the Boyz Fenty Beauty


Griselda Fenty Beauty

The Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks hit stores, FentyBeauty.com, and Sephora.com on December 26th and they’re $18. Get your coins ready and weigh in with your favorites in the comments.


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