Are You Oil Cleansing

Are You Oil Cleansing? #BuryMeMondays

Long time no see. Gonna skip over the hows and whys of my absence and jump straight to my question. Are you oil cleansing? “What’s oil cleansing?” you ask. Let me give you a quick and dirty rundown.

How Does Oil Cleansing Work?

Oil cleansing is what it looks like. You use an oil to cleanse your skin and/or remove makeup. Lately, talk of cleansing with an oil is usually in relation to the 10 step Korean Skincare routine. However, if you use an oil or oil-based product to remove makeup you’re already doing it whether your skincare routine is a marathon or a sprint.

I have oily skin but I’m big on this step. It may seem counter-intuitive to oil-cleanse with oily skin but after reading Charlotte Cho’s Little Book of Skincare where she broke down what’s so good about it I’ve been a believer. One specific thing is how oil cleansing removes sunscreen. Oil removes oil so using only a water-based cleanser on a sunscreen-only day isn’t getting all the gook off. Wild right?

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If you made it this far, tell me your favorite oil cleanser in the comments.

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