No Bare Lips 30 Season Six August 28 to September 26

Are You Ready For #NoBareLips30 Season Six with @KeikoKaveri?

There’s a lot sh*t-talking when it comes to social media and a lot of it is valid. The ugliness is real and in our faces. There’s also a lot of sh*t-talking when it comes to women not encouraging other women and those opinions seem exaggerated to me. All of this brings me to No Bare Lips 30, created by Keiko Kaveri.

No Bare Lips 30 is a moment where the ugliness of social media and the idea women don’t rock with each other gets turned on its head. From August 28 to September 26 women of color will be serving a myriad of lip colors on Twitter and Instagram under the #nobarelips30 hashtag. Selfies will pop and compliments will fly. It will be glorious. No Bare Lips 30 Season Six August 28 to September 26

I also have a treat. Keiko Kaveri took some time out of her schedule to answer some questions about No Bare Lips 30 and her favorite and not so favorite lip colors. So peep that below.

In Your Own Words who is NoBareLips30 for?

The #NoBareLips30 challenge is for women of color. It’s a “for us, by us” kind of thing. When I started NBL, I didn’t see anything like the challenge for women of color, Black women in particular. Now there are all sorts of makeup challenges for Black women and other women of color, which is really wonderful to me! Even though all of these opportunities exist for us, I still want to be clear that NBL is and has always been about the empowerment of women of color.

What made you decide to bring NoBareLips30 back?

It hasn’t been that long, Shanta! Previously, we’ve done two seasons per year, but this is the first one for 2017. I brought it back because the ladies asked for it, because it was time, and because I miss it. There is something magical to see women celebrating themselves and each other. It makes me feel connected and full of joy. It is a beautiful experience and I wanted to provide a platform once again.

What have you learned about yourself or other people through doing NoBareLips30?

I’ve learned so much! One, I’ve learned that I have a deep-rooted passion for people, for women of color specifically. Two, find your tribe. Grow your tribe. Cultivate your tribe. Lastly, I’ve learned that while some people will find fault with whatever you try to do, there will be three and four times the number of people who are waiting and wanting to support you. That being said, for those wanting to help with #NoBareLips30, be it in web development, giveaways, and/or branding, +$KeikoKaveri.

What lipstick color has your heart and what lipstick have you fallen out of love with?

My first red lipstick was MAC’s Ruby Woo. I stopped using the color when I finished two or three bullets, but I recently purchased a new Ruby Woo and I love it now just as much as I did then. In terms of what I’ve fallen out of love with, it’s hard to say. Most likely, my least favorite lip product is my liquid lipsticks by Jo Michelle. The colors are so amazing but the wear is not a good fit for me. I have to keep trying to make them work though, because the colors are so gorgeous.

There are lots NBL30 veterans but I’m sure there are some who may feel apprehensive about lipstick or posting their photo on social media. Do you have an encouraging word or tips for them?

My advice to them is to just start. Makeup is a lot of trial and error, hits and misses. Just get started where you feel comfortable. Maybe posting everyday isn’t for everyone who participates and that’s perfectly fine. Just join where you feel comfortable. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to the community! People are so friendly and helpful. Just ask for help or input. Lastly, if you can only afford drugstore brands, buy that! Don’t feel pressured into spending money that you don’t have to spend on makeup.

Lightning Round Questions 

Liquid, pencil, or bullet?


Favorite finish?

Matte, of course. Satin is a close second.

Go-to wedding guest lip color

Mon Cheri + Cranberry Stiletto x Beauty Bakerie

Go-to date night lip color

Bawse x Smashbox

Go-to work day lip color

Yardie x Jo Michelle Artisty

The color you keep buying even though you have that color already

Red. A woman can never own too many red lipsticks. I have purchased at least seven (7) dupes for MAC’s Ruby Woo, in hopes of finding a formula that I really love. I am still searching and I have no intention of stopping.

Favorite drugstore and higher end brand

Drugstore: NYX, Milani, and Black Radiance.

High-end: Pat McGrath.

 Thank you to Keiko Kaveri for taking this time out to answer my questions and thanks to Glamazon1026 for allowing her photos to be used in this post. I love No Bare Lips 30 and I’m glad that’s it back. Don’t forget #nobarelips30 starts on August 28 so use that hashtag post those selfies.

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