5(Five) Beauty Questions That Need Answers

5 Beauty Questions That Need Answers #QTNA

These beauty questions have been on my mind for awhile. They keep me up at night. Ok, not really. However, I wonder about them. Maybe you do too.

Why are the OG Naked palettes still $54?

The original Urban Decay Naked palette came out in 2011 or 2012 and I’m still waiting for it to drop in price. Maybe something is wrong with me but I don’t think it should be the same price as when it came out. The packaging alone doesn’t warrant it costing the same as the other ones. Naked 2, 3, and Smoky come in sturdy cases compared to the felt-covered magnetic case for the original.

Urban Decay Naked 1 Naked 2 Naked 3 Naked Smoky Palettes

   Do you really need Ruby Woo by MAC?

I go back and forth on this one. It seems like it’s the red of all reds with makeup lovers and yet I’m kinda meh about it. Maybe I just missed the Ruby Woo train and in the meantime found some reds I like from other brands.

Why say something is for all skin tones when it’s clearly not?

This one irks me a lot because as a black woman who loves makeup and wants the process of finding something to be easier. At this point when I see words like “universal”, I know it’s an exaggeration. It’s still frustrating as a consumer though. There has to be another way to advertise without making a claim that leaves large groups of people out.

Why do people keep praising Great Lash?

So check it. I know some people like it. “One tube is sold every 1.7 seconds.” I just don’t think it’s that dope compared to other Maybelline mascaras. I think the nostalgia factor is high. It’s hard to break away from or criticize something you’ve always seen growing up or used your first little bit of money to buy. Or maybe I’m just a hater. I still side-eye magazines when it’s on their “best of” lists.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

When is Sephora going to make the points money?

The point system currently is a scam. There’s no way the little samples they provide for 100 point perks are worth the $100 you have to spend to get them. In a world where Ulta Beauty gives you $3 to spend for 100 points, Sephora giving you a tiny moisturizer just isn’t cutting it.

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5 thoughts on “5 Beauty Questions That Need Answers #QTNA

  1. I agree UD prices on shadows from prior years is a total rip. I get they aren’t wanting to dilute the brand but come on. I have never cared for great lash (don’t stone me). I’ve tried to like it because everyone else does but I just can’t. Except for the clear which I think is the truth. I use it for unruly brows and allow my tween niece to use it. Last the Sephora points is a joke. I’m sick of it and feel it’s a super waste. I always feel forced to get stuff I don’t really want in sample sizes. Keep it as an option, but can I get a full size mascara instead?

    1. The least UD could do is have deeper sales on those palettes. An occasional 50% would make it look good. I’m not here for GL so no stones from me. The clear one is legit though. And a full-size mascara would be awesome.

  2. 1. Because UD are a bunch of scammers
    3. Because beauty companies want our black dollars without offering product or representation
    4. paid placement
    5. Never.

    *skips away*

    1. Paid placement? Yuck! It makes sense though. They keep coming with mascaras I like only to trot out their mediocre fave.

  3. Good questions, Shanta! Regarding Ruby Woo and Sephora, there are so many dupes popping up nowadays (especially from black-owned businesses) that it’s a no brainer at this point. I bought Ruby Woo years ago and do not plan to repurchase when it runs out when there’s The Lip Bar and Coloured Raine. Maybe if more people migrate from Sephora to Ulta, then the beauty conglomerate will probably get the hint, like MAC did. We’re just not using our voices to create change, unfortunately.

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