Does Bad Press Affect Your Purchasing Choices BuryMeMondays

Does Bad Press Affect Your Purchasing Choices? #BuryMeMondays

It seems like one brand after another is doing something that rubs someone the wrong way. Marc Jacobs went full-on “I don’t see color” when called out for cultural appropriation for dreadlocks in his latest New York Fashion Week runway show but later apologized.


Kat Von D posted a photo of her monochromatic artistry team and when a commenter suggested she use a more diverse group of people, namely deeper toned MUAs, KVD clapped back by saying her team is diverse and she hires people based on what’s inside and not based on skin tone.


And let’s not even get into all the stuff that’s been swirling around Jeffree Star.


So let’s get into it. When the face of a brand receives press like this does it make you pause or flat out refuse to purchase from the brand? I’m here comments, tweets, snaps, etc. Hit me up and let me know your opinions on the┬ásubject.

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One thought on “Does Bad Press Affect Your Purchasing Choices? #BuryMeMondays

  1. It matters to me somewhat, but I have two biases. One is recency bias. If you tell me a brand I’m buying was involved in something offensive, I may not feel as strongly because I haven’t heard anything lately. And there’s also the holy Grail bias. If I absolutely love a product, wouldn’t dream of using something else, I might have some dissonance about not buying it. I try to be honest with myself. Like big box stores have bad labor practices, but sometimes I just want 96 rolls of tissue.

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