How Do You Store Your Makeup BuryMeMondays

How Do You Store Your Makeup? #BuryMeMondays

I want to talk about makeup storage today and ask you how do you store your makeup and keep it organized?

Makeup Storage Ideas with an older vanity

This is my vanity. It was birthday a gift and my husband found it on Craigslist. He rigged the lights to hang around the mirror and I really love it. It’s old so one of the drawers is broken but it’s still one of my favorite things.

Makeup Storage Ideas with plastic drawers

Makeup Storage Ideas with plastic drawers lipsticks

Makeup Storage Ideas with Plastic drawers palettes and primers

I also have plastic drawers and while they’re not pretty to look at they get the job done. They’ve been a lifesaver for my makeup stash.

Storage ideas: Baskets and Talenti Jars

Makeup storage ideas with baskets and talenti jars

Makeup Storage Ideas With Baskets and Empty Talenti Jars

A few years ago Aprill of Hey Aprill tweeted about using Talenti┬ájars for storage and covering them with decorative tape to make them look better. I am terrible with crafts, but when some baskets around the house stopped being used I got an idea to use them on my vanity and put the Talent jars inside. So, if you have a container that isn’t all that cute, try putting it something else more pleasing to the eye.

Tell me how you store your makeup? Have you come up with any tricks to keeping everything organized or is it all over your counter? I’d love to see so make sure you snap me or tag me on a photo via Instagram or Twitter at @shantafabulous.

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  1. I have a mirrored jewlery box that I gutted for eyeliner, lipstick, small tools, and base products I don’t reach for every day. A clear acrylic bathroom organizer lives on top of it for palettes, base products and other products I use every day (mascara, brow gel, etc.). For brushes, I just use ELF’s brush holder.

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