5 Non Beauty Things That Bring Me Joy Title

5 Non-Beauty Things That Bring Me Joy

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I wanted to share some different sides of myself because one can’t live by lipstick alone. This is by no means the only things I’m into, but they are things that bring me joy. At the end let me know what you brings you joy.

My Kindle

5 Non Beauty Things that bring me joy kindle

There are lots of technological advancements we could point to that have made our lives easier. My kindle is one of those things for me. As much as I enjoy having an actual book in my hand lying in bed with a tablet and not a behemoth hardback is undefeated. If I can’t sleep or want to pass the time at the laundromat my kindle is there. When it gives up the ghost I’ll probably be devastated.

Marvel T-Shirts

Marvel t-shirt

These bring me so much joy. It’s an extension of my love for the Marvel Comics Universe(MCU) as far as the movies are concerned. The story they’re attempting to tell is so vast and amazing, but each movie stands on its own. I can’t help but buy a Marvel t-shirt because as a writer I love a good story and love to represent.

My Flowers

5 Non Beauty Things That Bring me Joy Roses

I’m really proud of these roses. In the spring I chose to do something just for myself. I wanted to grow some flowers because I was unsure if I could. I don’t know jack about flowers, but these roses here show me that when I take care of something it can flourish.

Steven Universe and Power

5 Non Beauty Things that bring me joy Steven and Garnet
Garnet and Steven

Both of these shows come back in a few days and I’m more than excited. Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar, airs on Cartoon Network. It’s a story about aliens, love, friendship, and rebellion set to amazing  music. Steven is part of the Crystal Gems and they’re here to protect Earth. Steven Universe returns July 18th on Cartoon Network. Look out for recaps on the Three Fifs Podcast.

5 Non beauty things that bring me joy power
I won this deck of cards and some other Power swag from a twitter contest.

Power, created by Courtney Kemp, is the story of James St. Patrick. He’s a club owner who’s trying to shed his drug dealer past while cheating on his wife with his high school flame, an FBI prosecutor, and keeping himself from getting killed by enemies and former friends alike. It explores manhood, family, friendship, and love. It’s also well written. Power returns July 17th on Starz.


5 Non beauty things that bring me joy tarot
This is a super colorful deck that’s full of great symbolism. I got it on Amazon.

Many moons ago I had a tarot deck. However, I scared myself into thinking that something was wrong with it and threw it away. Through the years I kicked myself because I couldn’t remember the deck’s name and didn’t know how to get it back. Recently, inspired by some great tarot readers and astrologers I follow on twitter I decided to find that tarot deck and it’s been on ever since.

Tarot is a tool I use to help me write and interpret the world around me. I’m intrigued by the symbolism and craft. I’ll never let it go now that I have it back.

So what brings you joy? Tweet me @shantafabulous or hit me on snapchat.

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