Color Correction with Mahalia Wells

Color Correction Q&A with Mahalia Wells(@MACnMahalia)

Color Correction with Mahalia Wells-MACnMahalia

Color correcting. Color Correction. It’s everywhere, but you may be at loss when it comes to the makeup technique. So I reached out to former MAC Cosmetics artist and all-around dope lady, Mahalia Wells (@MACnMahalia), to give you an overview of color correction and her opinions on the trend. A few times a week she hosts her own beauty centered twitter chat under the hashtag   where she provides tips to her followers and conversation around their likes and dislikes when it comes makeup, skincare and the beauty industry in general.

Q. What is Color Correcting?

A.Color Correcting is a technique used to neutralize any variation from the natural skin tone

Q.Who/What usually requires color correcting?

A.Oh there are so many levels! I’ve done color correcting on tattoos, Botox bruises, and… What we’ll call “curling iron burns.”

Q.What are some mistakes people make when color correcting?

A.People select colors based on buzz words & products vs. properly assessing what the skin needs.

Q.What’s your opinion of the current color correcting trend? (ie new products/palettes coming out, clown tutorials on IG, red/orange lipstick CC)

A.Listen, so many marketing techniques are hurting the craft of this. I blame Instagram. Clown contouring is unnecessary.  However, when the discoloration is intense a red/orange lipstick can make all of the difference .

Q.A client says “I think my concealer covers enough, do I still need to color correct?” What’s your answer to that?

A.Not everything is for everyone, let’s try one eye with corrector and one without. The one you fall in love with shall be the direction we take together.

Q.Do you have any favorite color correcting products/techniques?

A.LA Girl has stolen my heart recently. Before them, MAC, Bobbi Brown & MUFE have provided what I need in terms of product quality & shade range.

Q.Where can people find you?

A.People can find me on Instagram & Twitter @MACnMahalia. Soon I’ll be on YouTube and THAT is what I look forward to most .

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Color Correction Q&A with Mahalia Wells

“Through my 6 years in the beauty industry I was fortunate enough to heighten my passion for artistry at Sephora and after that I was able to truly perfect my craft once I joined the MAC team. I have since departed but continue my education & career solo. My hashtag #chatnwithMacn has allowed me to connect with many people across the country & often times has led to genuine friendships and amazing support.”


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