What’s Your Most Disappointing Product of 2015? #BuryMeMondays

What's Your Most Disappointing Product of 2015

Happy New Year!!! I hope you made it through the holidays and that the first few days of 2016 are treating you well. Today’s question is about your most disppointing product of 2015.

What beauty product fell short? Was it overhyped?  Was it a technological advancement that really wasn’t all that advanced? Was it something that wasn’t terrible, but just wasn’t right for you?

Maybelline Brow Drama Deep Brown

My pick is Maybelline Brow Drama. This wasn’t a bad product, but this wasn’t made for my sparse brows. A person with unruly brows or at least thick brows might get better use of this than me. So what was your most disappointing product of 2015? Leave me a comment or post your answer on Twitter using the hashtag #BuryMeMondays. 

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