Nail Aid 3 Minute Pedi Peel Photo

Nail-Aid 3 Minute Pedi Peel

Nail-Aid’s 3-Minute Pedi Peel turned out to be something familiar and not what I expected all at the same time. Because “peel” and “no filing” were on the bottle I thought I was going to get something that would slough off dead skin, but instead I basically got a thick cream that tingled a little bit. Were my feet softer? Yes, but I have creams, butters, and lotions for that. It really disappointed me.

Nail Aid 3 Minute Pedi Peel Photo

I should’ve known this wasn’t going to be what I wanted because the instructions said “for softest feet next morning, use at bedtime.” This is a thick cream, so if I did use this at bedtime I’d cover my feet so it didn’t get all over my sheets. The socks and moisturizer tip is everywhere so this really isn’t a special product to me.

Nail Aid 3 Minute Pedi Peel

It turns out that Nail-Aid may have changed the packaging or added new products because 3 Minute Pedi-Peel wasn’t on their website, but a different product called Callus B-Gone was there with similar ingredients, namely the glycolic acid. It also instructs to the consumer to wipe off the excess and buff.

I’m going to use Nail-Aid’s 3 Minute Pedi-Peel up because it’s here, but I doubt I’m going to repurchase this.

What’s your favorite product for keeping your feet soft?

Nail-Aid’s 3-Minute Pedi-Peel($4.17) is available at Wal-Mart and

NOTE: This product contains glycolic complex and may increase skin’s sensitivity to sun and the possibility of sunburn.

Nail Aid 3 Minute Pedi Peel Available at Walmart

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  1. I bought this a couple weeks ago at Walmart and since it was under 5 bucks I figured what the heck I’d give it a go. I put it on a couple of hours before bed with a pair of socks(I hate sleeping in socks). My feet where soft but like you said, a pair of socks over any thick cream will do that. I too will use it up but I will definitely go back to my coconut oil and Vicks vapor rub under socks. I was not impressed but for the price I’m not too upset.

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