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Favorite Things: @lushcosmetics Bath Bombs

Favorite Things Lush Bath Bombs

We all need self-care. Some need it more than others and some have to take what they can get when they can it. For me self-care has come via some precious moments in the bath with a Lush Bath Bomb.

So far I’ve tried 3, Big Blue, Blackberry, and Sex Bomb. Each one gives its own unique visual and olfactory experience.

  • Big Blue – The most pungent of the 3. This bath bomb releases Arame Seaweed as the bath bomb dissolves. It smells like the ocean which makes sense since it is called Big Blue. It turns the bath water teal blue.
  •  Blackberry – A fruity smelling bath bomb with Frankincense Oil. I could feel the oil on my skin and while it’s not enough to keep me from having to moisturize after the bath, it was still a lovely experience. This bath bomb turns the water purple.
  • Sex Bomb – This bath bomb is soft and romantic. With Soya Milk and Jasmine you’re bound to soak your away your cares and emerge from the tub relaxed and ready for what the night could bring, even if it’s just your blankets and pillows. This bombs turns the water and pink and leaves behind rose petals.

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Which Lush Bath Bomb is your favorite and how do you practice self care?

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