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I dream of having my own spot to work out of when I’m blogging. Just about every room in my house is a shared space so it’s important that I’m as organized as possible. Sometimes that’s a tough task because I’m not all that organized and I misplace things easily. That’s where the Craftsman 12in Tool Tote comes in.Blog Organization Craftsman Style Another Angle 1

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Blog Organization Craftsman Style 1 Pocket 1

Now you may be saying to yourself “This is a tool tote. Where the hammers at?” and I totally understand. It didn’t occur to me use something like this until I saw a tweet from @TammyWArtistry and that’s when it hit me how dope something like this could be for someone like me. My camera, Kindle, notebooks, planner, headphones and magazines fit inside with room to spare. I have a pocket for my USB cord that I tend to misplace and my pens, pencils, and markers are at the ready.

I love this tote. It’s pink and cute and helps me stay organized. So how to do you stay organized?

Blog Organization Craftsman Style 12in Tool Tote

Craftsman 12in Tool Totes($12.99)is available at

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