Beauty Blender Truth or Hype

The Beauty Blender: Truth or Hype? #BuryMeMondays

Beauty Blender Truth or Hype

The Beauty Blender. Is it an egg-shaped beacon of light or just another makeup sponge? I happen to love mine to the point that I stopped using brushes for a long time. Others don’t see the big deal or are happy with cheaper options from other companies. Where do you fall on this spectrum? Is the Beauty Blender everything you’ve ever wanted in makeup application or a hyped up, overpriced, colored sponge?

The Original Beautyblender is available at, Sephora.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty Blender: Truth or Hype? #BuryMeMondays

  1. My opinion of the Beauty Blender has changed over the last couple of months. I use to think there were dupes but after using the real deal for my makeup application, I have yet to find anything that is comparable. The Beauty Blender is just more spongy and the others I have are more dense.

    Yes, I have reduce my use of makeup brushes to apply foundation. Plus its easier to clean.

    1. This seems to be the experience with other people as well. I tried one that I hoped was a dupe but after one wash I knew it wouldn’t hold up. I’ll stick with the beautyblender.

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