How Young Is Too Young For Makeup? #BuryMeMondays

Too Young For Makeup

April and May bring with it photos of teenage girls beaming from ear to ear or smizing for their lives in prom pictures. Some go for a natural look while others are highlighted and contoured to the gawds. With those photos comes praise and criticism via social media. Debate about the age-appropriateness of the makeup ensues so that got me thinking, how young is too young for makeup?

I started wearing make-up in 6th or 7th grade. I’m not exactly sure why. Part of me thinks it was to cover up chicken pox scars and part of me thinks it was just a teenage whim. I do remember there was zero push back from my dad. He bought it without blinking. He even took my Avon orders to his co-worker at the time. 12 or 13 wasn’t too young for makeup to him, however, I know everyone doesn’t think that way.

Do certain products have an age requirement? Does the occasion factor into your decision? How young is too young for makeup to you?

16 thoughts on “How Young Is Too Young For Makeup? #BuryMeMondays

  1. This is such a great debate. I honestly don’t even know where I stand in it. I started wearing makeup when I was 19!! crazy i know. I used to use the occasional lip gloss. but then i discovered eyeliner, HA and then lipstick and then foundation…LOST FORVER!! I guess if it wear my kids i would let them play with it at home but to wear in the street and be confused as older than their age not til their 16ish. That’s just me.

  2. This is such an interesting debate! I started wearing make up about 13 mainly to cover up my teenage skin. I do see some young girls covered in make up and don’t think it’s very appropriate and so many young girls are looking way older than they actually are!! I wish I held off wearing make up so young!

  3. I think 17 or 18 should be the time people should start wearing makeup.maybe I’m old fashioned. My mother only allowed me to wear clear mascara at 16 and a lip gloss.I didn’t need foundation even in high school.

  4. The only time I was allowed to wear makeup was my 10th grade homecoming dance. I was so hype that my mother actually allowed it that I tried to sleep in it so that it would last! Part of being a child is going through those awkward phases of acne, embarrassing hairstyles. Kids nowdays have it so good, They have so many products on hand to avoid it all. I say no makeup atleast ’til high school.

    1. Kids do have access to more choices when it comes to skincare and more access to expertise and reviews if they have internet. They may not always have embarrassing photos to look back at but I think they’ll have embarrassing tweets and facebook statuses though. 🙂

  5. It’s funny, I think I mind bad looking makeup more than I mind “too grown” looking. My daughter is 10. We play it by ear. My red lipstick is out, but sheer pink gloss is fine. Mascara, she doesn’t need it, bold eyes, definitely no. My goal is that she’ll never feel she NEEDS it, but will enjoy it like she enjoys art and fashion design, as a way to express herself.

    1. I’d hate for it to be crutch for my daughter as well. Makeup should be fun. It seems like one loses that when they can’t walk out of the door without it. I can dig playing it by ear. Certain things look one way while other things look a whole other way. Sometimes the broad brush approach isn’t the move.

  6. i wore makeup for pageants and things since i was 5, but started wearing it daily once i was 13 i think, like you. it’s always been fun for me. i’ve been playing around in it forever!

  7. Hi, great post. I can remember my mum buying me a brown mascara and a nude lipstick for my 13th birthday. I only wore it for things like school discos, not day to day as it wasn’t allowed at school. My 13yr old loves make-up and has way more than I did at her age, she goes to school with powder and mascara daily. I’ve let it be her choice, but will tell her if I think the level of makeup is inappropriate.

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