A Little Bit Of Skincare: Evian Facial Spray

Full disclosure: Evian Facial Spray was provided to me by the exclusive USA distributor, The Wilkes Group. All opinions are my own.

Evian Facial Spray

I received the Evian Facial Spray from the Wilkes Group. The 5oz size retails for $12.50 and has various uses. It can be used as a setting spray, a makeup refresher, or an extra moisturizing step in your skincare routine.

I used this as a setting spray but it didn’t really impress me. I’m not really big on setting sprays. At this point I can take or leave them. I do think that this is a more affordable alternative to some other setting sprays.  There’s also the option to use the facial spray to re-wet a beauty blender or to dampen a brush. I could totally see stashing this in a drawer so I don’t have to go back and forth to the sink. I love it as part of my skincare routine though.

I like to use the spray after I rinse off my cleanser and dry my face. I leave it on my face for a minute then move on to whatever moisturizer or serum I’m going to use. It adds a bit of spa experience to the otherwise mundane practice of cleansing my face. Check out www.facebook.com/evianspray for more uses for Evian Facial Spray.

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Evian Facial Spray

Have you tried Evian Facial Spray?

This post is sponsored by the Wilkes Group.

6 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Skincare: Evian Facial Spray

  1. I love this spray so much. I use it on my face when I’m especially tired, or my face needs more moisture before I put on make up. It feels so good on my face.
    I love it 🙂 I haven’t seen many opinions on this so I’m glad to read yours 🙂

    xox Lo

    1. I appreciate your opinion as well because I haven’t seen very many about this product either. Next time I feel like I’m dragging I may use it as a pick me up so thanks for that idea. Thank you for reading!

  2. ok sooo im the make up/facial virgin…..this spray, what is its purpose? Is this something I should use in my daily facial routine? I’m learning…

    1. This isn’t something that you automatically need especially if you’re still in the beginning stages of figuring out your skincare routine. It sets makeup, it can revive makeup, and it can add moisture to your face if you need it before you put on makeup.

  3. I use the spray from Caudalie but have used this one from Evian before. I mostly used it to wet a brush for wet intense application for eyeshadows and as an all over pick me up in the summer.

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