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The Big Deal To Me About Kat Von D's Underage Red

Underage Red Title

It seems outrage over one of Kat Von D’s lipsticks caught the attention of some folks at Business Insider. The lipstick in question? Underage Red, a lipstick that has been out for years. Not buying the outrage behind it, Cindy Ha at SFUnzipped wrote an article and provided a slideshow about some other makeup products she thought had “racy” names. Those names like Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara or Nars Cosmetics Orgasm blush are familiar and in many a makeup lover’s bag or vanity. KVDs Underage Red may be as well. However, Orgasm or G-spot or Kinky don’t have the same connotation as “underage”.

Underage Red
Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick – Underage Red (photo credit: Sephora.com)

In my world words mean things, edgy or not. So a consumer being offended by Underage Red is not something to poo-poo and say “look at the square over there”. It’s also not the time to drag other companies into the discussion because “they did it too”. That’s childish. I know what “underage” brings to mind when I hear it and would definitely skip it for myself. I understand if others do not.

What this brings up to me is how our ideas can inadvertently perpetuate something we’d never endorse. This name (and MACs for that matter) is in bad taste. To call Underage Red “racy” leaves room to giggle at something that shouldn’t be giggled at.  

Kat Von D allegedly tweeted and deleted “At the end of the day it’s just ____ing lipstick”. That’s a typical KVD response. However, I don’t believe it’s totally true. If it were just effing lipstick or if the name didn’t matter then there would be no Orgasm blush. Those names are picked to be memorable so the name does matter. And while I understand some not being upset by the name, I’m disappointed someone would be so flippant about the uproar because I think the concerns are valid.


What do you think? Do you own Kat Von D’s Underage Red lipstick?

5 thoughts on “The Big Deal To Me About Kat Von D's Underage Red

  1. You’re absolutely right. “Orgasm” connotes sex, but “underage red” connotes underage sex, which isn’t sex at all, but rape. If it’s “just lipstick” it shouldn’t be a big deal got them to change the name.

      1. Right. Like so much anger over something simple. She feels hurt that one of her creative touches isn’t cute to everyone. But she’s treating people like they don’t matter, and that’s not a good look.

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