Let This Be Your Best Friend: Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask

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Feeling Beautiful Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask

I picked up another Freeman Feeling Beautiful product. This one is the Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Diamond Rinse Mineral Rinse Mask
Freeman Feeling Beautiful Diamond Rinse Mineral Rinse Mask($1.99)

The last mask I reviewed was the Rose Brightening Paper Mask. I like it and I like this Diamond Mineral one as well. This one is a clarifying clay mask with the antioxidant Sparkleberry and perfect for all skin types. It’s also paraben-free.

All Skin Types Diamond Mineral Mask

paraben free Freeman Diamond Mineral Mask

Diamond Mineral Mask ingredients
Diamond Mineral Mask ingredients

The first thing I noticed about the product is the fragrance. It’s light and pleasant. I can’t place it but it’s not overwhelming.

The texture of the product is thick and creamy with fine pumice in it. If you haven’t figured out your exfoliation level go easy with it. Don’t damage your skin being overzealous.

I liked massaging my face as I rinsed it off rather than massaging it then rinsing. I went for the gusto and used most of what’s in the pack so the thickness of the product may be playing into that preference. Next time I may go a little easier and see if my preference changes.

Diamond Mineral Mask Boosts Radiance

After I rinsed it off, my skin felt really soft and cool. The mask has diamond flecks in it so some of them were left behind on my face but most of it rinsed off. No disco ball face here.

I think if you want to shake up your exfoliation routine and try something new, the Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask is worth a shot. I’m always here for bargain skincare. The only drawback for me is that this isn’t in a full size like some of the other Freeman Beauty masks because I’d happily buy it.

Freeman Beauty Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask
Feeling Beautiful Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask($1.99)

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask is $1.99 and available at many drugstores and online at freemanbeauty.com   

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