How Do You Sharpen The L’Oreal Silkissime Pencil?

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I bought the L’Oreal Silkissime pencil a few months ago. I think it’s a good pencil for the price and I reviewed it here. I haven’t had a problem with sharpening it, but judging by my search engine results some people still have some questions about how to sharpen it.

When my pencil became dull, I used my Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel pencil sharpener and didn’t have any real problems. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as pretty as it did when it first came out of the package, but no problems.

L'Oreal Silkissime Pencil

However, it is suggested on the packaging of the L’Oreal Silkissime liner to use the L’Oreal Dual Barrel Sharpener to sharpen it. So I bought one to see if there was any difference. There’s not. In fact the pencil sharpeners look very similar to me and gave similar results. Considering L’Oreal owns Urban Decay the similarities make sense, but I have no idea if the sharpeners were similar pre-acquisition. FYI: The current Urban Decay Grindhouse sharpener no longer has the clear top.

Urban Decay Grindhouse Sharpener and L'Oreal Dual Sharpener
Left: Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener(discontinued) Right: L’Oreal Dual Barrel Sharpener

If you are someone who’s having problems with the sharpening the pencil let me know in the comments. And if you’re not having problems let me know as well.

The L’Oreal Dual Barrel Sharpener can be found where L’Oreal products are sold.

The Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener can be found where Urban Decay products are sold.

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45 thoughts on “How Do You Sharpen The L’Oreal Silkissime Pencil?

  1. Tried sharpening the pencil as the lead had fallen into its casing. Does not well, it scratched my eye lid. Threw it out, expected better from Loreal.

    1. I also bought the pencil….but I am SO not happy with sharpening the pencil……This pencil is all WRONG! I need my money back!

  2. I love this pencil. I have bought a few of them already but yes, the issue is sharpening the pencil. I’ve tried other sharpeners and it comes apart on the sharpener. I’m going to have to get the Loreal sharpener and see what happens. Thank you.

  3. The pencil is great but I almost ended up breaking the sharpener trying to sharpen it. I will have to get another sharpener and test it… although the one I have was completely reliable until this!

  4. I have a very good, sharp metal pencil sharpener and it won’t sharpen this liner stick! Makes a mess and why do they have the harder gold material at the top of the pencil if it’s easy to sharpen?? That gold part chunks off like it’s not meant to be sharpened! I would not buy it again.

    1. I expected to be able to roll the end and have the color roll up like other eye liners. I used this once eyeliner once and then started trying to figure out how to get more color up. Could not see how to do it. (I threw the packaging away without reading it.). Who would think it would be so complicated!! After it sitting for weeks in my drawer, I finally thought to Google it to see if I could figure out how to do this. What a disappointment to learn you must sharpen this! It is going in the trash!!!

  5. My sharpener which sharpens ANYTHING will not cut thru this gold band. Loved the product til it came time to sharpen!
    Didn’t anyone at Loreal test this pre-market!!??

  6. I agree with all the comments above. You cannot sharpen this pencil because it is very soft and it has a plastic band and then a gold metal band around it. The bottom turns but nothing happens. It should just push it up and out. Are we supposed to cut it in half and then sharpen it?

    1. I totally agree. I loved the smoothness of the liner but only used it a few weeks and now the top is flat. The bigger problem than the gold band is the hard black plastic ABOVE the gold band. Sharpeners don’t cut through it and I have a good one. Not buying another. Why does the bottom turn if it can’t raise the liner????

  7. ugh I hate the gold metal ring, but if you can get thru that you’re laughing LOL I do put the pencil in the freezer for 5-10 mins before sharpening so the product doesn’t splooge all over the place!

  8. WOW!!! I’ve been a L’oreal customer for years, and I really wish I had read these comments first before making this purchase of Silkissime eyeliner. What a disappointment of this creation!!!
    A very dissatisfied customer of this product….

  9. Bought this because it was L’Oréal — first time use was great, after sharpening it — now it scratches my eyelid when applying — thought once the gold trim was gone it would be good — still scratches when applying. I’d never buy again. I’ve bought once made by “Gosh” for the same money that is self sharpening and very silky smooth.

    1. I’m honestly not sure. When I put the pencil in the sharpener the gold went through just like the rest of the pencil so I didn’t feel the need to do anything to it.

    2. I used a utility knife. With difficulty I chipped away at it. I don’t think a sharpener will go through the gold band. I’m male and worked on it for 5 minutes for my wife. What a waste.

    1. I sharped it with a fat pencil sharpener the gold part to now it works good the little sharpener sucks you can use a electric sharpener if you want to

  10. I got a cheap sharpener and it works great. And yes, you can sharpen thru the gold band(someone posted they weren’t sure).

  11. My Silkissime liner was destroyed by my sharpener! It’s all jagged now and I can’t use it. I used a sharpener similar to the one in your picture

  12. I have the lakme sharpner and it just looks the same but I don’t get any results I can’t sharpen my pencil anymore and I have already bought 5 shades of it I think I’m going to regret it now 🙇

  13. I can’t even get to the gold band; there’s that hard plastic end in the way first! And I agree with all the comments I’ve read about the end twisting…why does it even do that if it’s not for advancing the product?!

  14. My husband and I tried everything even a knife! Finally I bought a Revlon sharpener & it worked but I should not of had to buy another sharpener I already had a loreal sharpener that wouldn’t work on it. I’m thinking I’m done with loreal after this ordeal!

  15. Very disappointed. Love the eyeliner but cannot sharpen. The gold around the top is very sharp and will scratch your eye.

  16. Ok I LOVE this liner! I sharpened it with a regular double barrel liner and it went through the gold band without a problem. The pencil was cool even though I had not stuck it in the freezer before sharpening. I actually think that is a good idea as I have ruined makeup pencils in the past that were too warm.

  17. I hated the pencil because of the gold band and having to buy their sharpener. What a con. I sprung another $10 and got Estee and Clinique self sharpening liners. I don’t have to bring out a sharpener every time and so far they have lasted 6 mos with a lot to go before empty. And the variety of colors is larger.

  18. When I tried to sharpen this eyeliner it fell apart. The black area near the top is very hard and the eyeliner itself is soft. I’m not sure what to do with it. I’m presently unable to use it without it making a mess.

  19. Snap off the back of the pencil and use a thin wooden skewer to push the product from the back. I thought mine was defective and this worked. Bought another and had the same problem. But my solution works without the mess…and I hate sharpeners!!!

  20. I loved this liner when I first bought it. It stays on FOREVER without retouch. I was so happy with it…that is, until I tried sharpening it. I’ve tried 3 different sharpeners and they all make the end jagged and creates a huge mess. I have scraped my eyelids on the jagged edge! I probably wasted half the pencil just trying to make the end useable. I never thought to put it in the freeze first. I guess I’ll try that. But that seems like too much work. I probably won’t buy this again unless Loreal changes the applicator. I’d like to see it come in a non-sharpening twist up applicator. Please Loreal, do something!!!! It’s a good product in awful packaging!!

  21. I cannot sharpen this thing! I am very disappointed with Loreal! They should have made it twist so the liner would come out! Either I have to buy the sharpener now or just return this pencil! Really mad!!

  22. I am so glad I stumbled upon this page! I thought it was me, but it’s not! Yeah! I have been hanging on to my Silkissime eyeliner with the hopes I’d find an answer! I would have thrown it out, but I loved the color, and couldn’t believe L’Oreal would make a huge design mistake like this. There had to be an answer! I hope L’Oreal won’t repeat this error with another product.

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