5 Reasons Your Skincare Isn’t Working

5 Reasons Your Skincare Isn't Working Titles

Lack of Consistency

Some products and regimens take weeks to work and the waiting game sucks. You may have to do it though. So using/doing it here or there when it says do it several times a week isn’t going to help you in the long run. On the flipside, don’t let this be a license to go extra hard. The key is being consistent, not overdoing it.

Wrong Products

If you know what works for you, then this probably isn’t a problem. Wrong products become problems because instead of fixing something it exacerbates or it creates a new one. It’s having a dry skin and reaching for something so rich that your skin can’t handle it. It’s having oily skin and using something that you think will control it only to have it cause your face to overproduce oil. So keep this in mind if you’re still in trial and error mode with your skin.

Product Order Mistakes

Applying products from thinnest to thickest is usually* best because thin products like serums tend to pack the most punch when it comes to ingredients that can improve your skin. Slapping whatever on your face all willy nilly could be setting you up for the downfall because you’re not getting what you want out of each product.

Ignoring How Products Work Together

Many products work together. For example if you’re dealing with dark spots and using a product to lighten them then you need sunscreen to keep the spots you have from getting darker and to keep your skin from creating new ones. Following a serum with a moisturizer seals it in. Many products go together so make sure you’re layering/pairing the right ones together.


Finally, there’s stress. It can cause fine lines, acne flare-ups, and puffy eyes from lack of sleep. It’s going to be hard for something topical to put up a fight when your body is staging a revolt on the inside and it’s showing up on your face.

This isn’t the final say on what can hinder skincare products from working. What are some others you can think of?

5 Reasons Your Skincare Isn't Working (1)

*While it may lessen the product potency, people with sensitive skin may opt to use a moisturizer prior to some irritating products.


Blog Organization @Craftsman Style

Blog Organization Craftsman Style 1

I dream of having my own spot to work out of when I’m blogging. Just about every room in my house is a shared space so it’s important that I’m as organized as possible. Sometimes that’s a tough task because I’m not all that organized and I misplace things easily. That’s where the Craftsman 12in Tool Tote comes in.Blog Organization Craftsman Style Another Angle 1

Blog Organization Craftsman Style Inside 1

Blog Organization Craftsman Style 2 Pockets 1

Blog Organization Craftsman Style 1 Pocket 1

Now you may be saying to yourself “This is a tool tote. Where the hammers at?” and I totally understand. It didn’t occur to me use something like this until I saw a tweet from @TammyWArtistry and that’s when it hit me how dope something like this could be for someone like me. My camera, Kindle, notebooks, planner, headphones and magazines fit inside with room to spare. I have a pocket for my USB cord that I tend to misplace and my pens, pencils, and markers are at the ready.

I love this tote. It’s pink and cute and helps me stay organized. So how to do you stay organized?

Blog Organization Craftsman Style 12in Tool Tote

Craftsman 12in Tool Totes($12.99)is available at sears.com

Who Gave You Your First Make-Up Lesson? #BuryMeMondays

Who Gave You Your First Makeup Lesson- BuryMeMondays

Did your mother, aunt, or sister give you your first make-up lesson? Was it your best friend? Did you receive your first lesson at 13 or 33? Did you seek out professional help at a make-up counter or browse blogs and vlogs for that information? There’s no wrong answer here, so let me know who gave you your first make-up lesson in the comments.

My Beauty Destination Wish List

My Beauty Destination Wish List (1)

Living in Middle America can be a pain. Sure, a dollar goes a bit further and people move a bit slower. However, for a makeup hoarder, like myself, all the cool stuff is a few hours drive or a plane ticket away. So this is my beauty destination wish list.

Nars Boutique cafemakeup dot com
(photo credit cafemakeup.com)

Nars Boutique

413 Bleeker, New York, NY

Nars Cosmetics is one my favorite brands. The shade range and quality make it easy to spend some money with no regrets. The 413 Bleeker Nars Boutique is simply decorated and brightly lit. I imagine everyone walks out with the correct shade because how could you not a place like that?

obsessive compulsive cosmetics
(photo credit: occmakeup.com)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

174 Ludlow Street, New York, NY

OCC is another one of my favorite brands. I’d love to go the Ludlow store just to play around. Many places sell the Lip Tars but I’m interested in the brushes, the glitters, and pigments as well.

Nigel Beauty Emporium
(photo credit: makeup_by_daisymhays)

Nigel’s Beauty Emporium

11252 Magnolia Blvd North Hollywood, CA

Nigel’s Beauty Emporium is one of Hollywood’s premier beauty supply companies. One look at their brand list and you know it’s true. They have everything. I’ve never been to California before so if I ever make it out that way I hope I get the chance to see Nigel’s so I can bask in its magnificence.

Oyin Handmade Boutique and Salon
(image credit oyinhandmade.com)

Oyin Handmade Boutique and Salon

2103 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD

Oyin Handmade is my natural hair holy grail brand. The Hair Dew, the Juices and Berries Leave-In, and the pomade to end all pomades, Burnt Sugar/Sugar Berries Pomade are my absolute faves. I love the brand because the products are great and also because the owners Jamyla and Pierre Bennu created a family atmosphere between them and the consumer. You feel the love they put in their products.

The Makeup Show 2015-All-Cities
(photo credit: themakeupshow.com)

The Makeup Show

Los Angeles, NYC, Dallas, Chicago, Orlando

The Makeup Show. Shopping and education are wrapped into one with The Makeup Show. When I first heard about The Makeup Show the nearest location was Chicago which still isn’t very close but now it’s in Dallas too. That’s a 3 hour drive away from Oklahoma City so there’s no reason for me to miss out like I have these last couple of years.

So do you have a beauty travel wish list? Where would you like to go if given the chance? Where have you traveled in the name of beauty?

What Makeup Skill Have You Mastered? #BuryMeMondays

What Makeup Skill Have You Mastered BuryMeMondays

In a world with photographs of perfect makeup everywhere it’s easy to get down in the dumps because your skills may not be up to snuff. However, today that doesn’t matter. Today is the day you get to toot your horn because we’re all good at something. Maybe you can blend eyeshadow like nobody’s business. Maybe your winged cat eye is a force to be reckoned with. Can you put on lipstick perfectly every time? Let me know. There’s something you can do in your sleep and that’s dope. So no matter how big or how small, what makeup skill have you mastered?

Is “Silence” The Word Among Black Beauty Bloggers?

Should Black Beauty Bloggers Speak Out

Luvvie Ajayi, digital strategist and humor blogger at Awesomely Luvvie sent out a series of tweets last night about black beauty bloggers being silent in light of recent events. The recent events I’m referring to are the shootings at Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina and the series of black church burnings that have followed that terrible act. I’m going to paraphrase Ajayi as best I can. Feel free to go back to her timeline to see what she wrote.

My interpretation of the tweets is with great power comes great responsibility(shoutout to Uncle Ben). If black beauty bloggers have a platform then they should use that platform to speak up and not just because it personally affects them, but because their readers are affected too. Even if someone disagrees with this premise it’s not a terrible on its face and yet it doesn’t sit right with me.

Luvvie Ajayi Calls Out Black Beauty Bloggers

What didn’t sit right with me was the vagueness of it. If you check Luvvie’s mentions many bloggers responded to her tweets in agreement so that obviously meant they weren’t being called to the carpet for their silence. But for those that didn’t respond, I’m left with this feeling of who is she talking about? I don’t like that feeling because it’s accusatory. I’m checking facebook fan pages and twitter timelines to see if this black beauty blogger or that black beauty blogger is acknowledging what’s been happening in recent weeks or if it’s business as usual. I’m judging myself because I’ve echoed this sentiment before and now I’m not sure where I stand on this.

I see multiple sides to the issue. The obvious one is responsibility as stated before. There’s the idea that silence is approval at worst and indifference at best. There’s the idea that just because I or you don’t see posts doesn’t mean it’s being ignored by individual bloggers. There’s the possibility that some don’t want to muddy the waters with their POV because they’re deferring to folks who know more or at least perceived that way. There’s also the idea that there are many ways to show support be it tweets, donations, or blog posts. How I like to do things may not be how you like to do it, you know?

Here’s the main thing for me. For the last few years when a racially charged issue has popped off the black beauty bloggers I follow are aware and speaking on it, so calling out black beauty bloggers as a whole for ignoring what’s happening is misleading. Black beauty bloggers are speaking up consistently, the question may be are folks paying attention to them. And if they’re not, why?

So I’m going to put it to you beauty bloggers and readers alike. Is speaking up for/against an issue a requirement, consequences be damned? If your faves are being quiet on issues, like racism, are you giving them the sideeye? No matter where you stand and let me know what you think in the comments.

What’s the Silliest Thing You’ve Done in the Name of Beauty? #BuryMeMondays

What's the silliest thing you've done in the name beauty #burymemondays

Confess! Confess! What’s the silliest thing you’ve done in the name beauty? Back in my relaxers days I’d would get an updo on a weekend and then sleep propped up just so in an effort to the keep the style intact until Monday. There’s nothing like nodding in and out of sleep hoping your bump or curls don’t get flattened.

So tell me a silly thing you’ve done in the name beauty. Did you let a friend dye your hair to save a buck only to have it all go wrong? Did you buy makeup for the packaging knowing you’d never wear it? Let me know in the comments.

Ever Elusive: Melt Cosmetics Blow and DGAF

Melt Cosmetics Blow DGAF

(Note: This is a repost from Nov 2014)

After months and months of waiting for Melt to restock some of their popular colors I was able to get Blow and DGAF this month. Blow is a pretty matte green and DGAF is dark matte blue. Unfortunately, DGAF is sold out again with no clear restock date. I suggest signing up for the Melt newsletter and pay attention to Melt’s social media accounts for any updates. Now, on to the photos.

Melt Cosmetics Blow

Melt Cosmetics DGAF





Melt Cosmetics DGAF and Blow Swatches

Melt Cosmetics lipsticks are $19 and available at meltcosmetics.com

Gimme More Mattes: Milani Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks Photos + Swatches

New 2015 Milani Matte Lipsticks

First, let me say I had no idea that Milani was coming out with new lipsticks this summer. Last I heard new lipsticks would be out this Fall so it took me by surprise to see the display in Walgreens. In my excitement, I snatched up these 6(there are 8 total) with the quickness.

New Milani Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks

Like the names say, these are matte. There are already 8 other Milani matte lipsticks so this brings the total to 16. Most of these swatched with a smooth application, however, Matte Luxe gave me some trouble. I’m only going by how it swatched on my arm, but I’m thinking this one is going to be least forgiving. That means serious exfoliation on your part if you struggle with dry lips.

New Milani Color Statement Matte Lipsticks Swatches

This set of matte lipsticks is heavy on the reds and wines with a couple of nudes(not pictured) and the bright orange. It’s possible that you won’t need both Matte Flirty and Matte Love since they’re so close together in color, but Matte Love does have a hint of sparkle to it so understand if you hoard them you’re compelled to get both. And while Matte Fearless looks super dark, I think it’s manageable if you’re apprehensive about dark lipsticks. I posted a swatch on Instagram so you can see what I mean.

Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Matte Lipsticks Pin

Check whereever Milani products are sold to see if they’ve made it to your part of the world. Nothing is posted on milanicosmetics.com yet but keep checking there too.

Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Matte Lipsticks($5.99) are sold in Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS and whereever Milani Cosmetics are sold. 

An Ode To Gorgeousness