How Do You Maintain Your Brows? #BuryMeMondays


Do you have a standing brow appointment at a salon? Do you groom them yourself? Whether it’s threading, waxing, plucking, or shaving we’re taking care of our brows. After a brief stint of going to the salon I went back plucking my brows myself. It works for me but let me know what works for you when it comes to your brows.

3 Valentine’s Day Gift Hacks To Make You Look Like a Boss

Valentines day gift hack smaller

Valentine’s Day is 3 weeks away. Now is the time to do your prep work so whatever you want to do on the 14th goes off without a hitch but what to buy your partner? You could ask your friends for suggestions. You could browse gift guides and pick what you think he/she would like best. Or you could try one of these three things to get a gift for your partner that he/she will love because you’ll know it’s something they really want.

  1. If you missed your chance to gift it for Christmas, gift it for Valentine’s Day. Take the gift, pair it with their favorite flowers and a teddy bear and prosper.
  2. Amazon Wish List. Most people have an Amazon wish list. I didn’t know what to my husband for Christmas so I found his wish list and bought him something he really wanted. And who ended up looking like a boss afterward? Me. Look like a boss and get her what she wants.
  3. Come out and ask. Time is of the essence with this one because the closer it gets to the big day the more likely they’ll be tipped off by the question. If you ask now it can just be a regular conversation that they’ll eventually forget. Then when you pull out that gift you’ll look like the great listener that we both know you are.

They say it’s the thought that counts but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some of the guesswork out of it. Try these tips so you’re not getting gas station roses with the rest of the last minute shoppers.

Not a Dupe: Earth Theraputics Precisso Beauty Blending Sponge


So let’s get this out of the way. Is the Earth Theraputics Precisso Beauty Blending Sponge a Beautyblender dupe? No. The shape and feel is close, but this product isn’t going to hold up to the cleaning that is required of it. I used this two or three days in a row and it started to show wear pretty quickly. I took into account my nails could’ve nicked the sponge during washing, however, the tip of sponge ended up with a tiny hole in it. Since the tip doesn’t get as much use as the bottom I assume the hole came from washing and handling it. I haven’t had this type of problem with my Beautyblender.

beauty sponge collage

I knew this sponge had a lot to live up to and I wouldn’t hesitate to toss it if it did not come close to my old faithful. As far as foundation application goes the results of this sponge were similar to its more expensive alternative. The Precisso sponge did what I needed it to do for me when it came to stippling and blending my foundation but unfortunately the quality just isn’t the same.

With all that said, if you’re thinking about using a Beautyblender but hesitant to drop the cash on it, this is a decent alternative to help you come a decision. For a few bucks you can figure out if this method is a worthy alternative to your usual method of foundation application.


Earth Theraputics Precisso Beauty Blending Sponge is available at Kohls and for $6.

Toners: Necessity or Unnecessary #BuryMeMondays

Are Toners Necessary or Unnecessary For You? #BuryMeMondays

I think most of us know to skip alcohol-based toners because they can be drying (I’m looking at you Sea Breeze). However, toner is still one of those steps that some tend to take or leave when it comes to their skincare regimen. So where do you stand with toner? Have you found one that you love or do you find it unnecessary? If you have one that you love take a photo on Instagram and use the hashtag #BuryMeMondays.

P.S. I’m still sick. :-(

Digital or Print? #BuryMeMondays


As some magazines are transitioning to a digital only format some may feel like print is dead.  So do you have a preference for how you read your favorite magazines? Is it easier to read on your tablet and avoid the clutter that comes with purchasing multiple magazines or are you the kind of person who loves to flip through the glossy pages wishfully marking what you love?

Both have their pros and cons, but there will always be a place in my heart for print. I still like going to the mailbox and seeing that plastic wrapped magazine even though the digital edition shows up on my tablet a several days before that.

Let me know how you what you think in the comments. Remember to use the hashtag #BuryMeMondays on social media if you want to answer there as well.



Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer

The Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer is my favorite moisturizer of the moment. I began using it as a replacement for a greasy night cream I disliked. It worked well because I felt moisturized but didn’t look like I slathered my face in goop and since it didn’t have SPF there was no reason to use it during the day. However, when I realized my SPF moisturizer wasn’t really doing much moisturizing I started to use the gel moisturizer underneath. So far it’s great for me and my oily skin whether I’m wearing my makeup or not.

Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer

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Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell Wears @BesameCosmetics Lipstick

Did you watch Marvel’s Agent Carter last night? Did you see the gorgeous red lipstick Hayley Atwell was wearing? Me too. Turns out she shared what lipstick it was last month via Twitter and it’s Red Velvet by Besame Cosmetics. Obviously, I’m late but better late than never right?

Besame is a cosmetics company created in 2004 by Gabriela Hernandez. It was founded “out of a fascination with art, history, and beauty; a vintage makeup brand which honors style spirit, and sensibility of female beauty. Continue reading Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell Wears @BesameCosmetics Lipstick

How Do You Apply Your Foundation? #BuryMeMondays

It’s 2015! *throws confetti* For the new year I’m going to start a Monday Question of the Day. It’ll be posted on the blog and my social media accounts(Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest). It shouldn’t be anything too controversial. I’m just looking for a way to interact with you. It will even have a hashtag #BuryMeMondays. So use the hashtag with your answer or photo so we’ll all be able to keep up. So on to the inaugural question.


Some swear by BeautyBlenders and other sponges for foundation application. Some love a stippling brush. Others like a flat foundation brush or a powder brush. And let’s not forget the people who use their hands. So how do you do it? Leave a comment below and if you want take a photo of your tool of choice. Be sure to use the hashtag #BuryMeMondays. :-)

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InstaNatural Age Defying Retinol Serum Review

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was provided this product by InstaNatural through Brandbacker. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been using InstaNatural’s Age-Defying Retinol Serum and the product is legit. If you’re looking to add a serum to your skincare routine this could be something worth trying out. The retinol, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C pack a skin brightening and anti-aging punch. There are other serums out there with similar ingredients, but this is half the price.

InstaNatural Age Defying Retinol Serum
InstaNatural Age Defying Retinol Serum

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